What’s in the easter egg?

Saturday the 7th of April 2012 turfdev announced Turf version 0.9.1. In the release notes they mentioned ”a tiny easter egg”. This easter egg have been causing sleepless nights for some dedicated Turfers.

The nerdiest blog decided to get to the bottom and smash the rumor that the easter egg never existed. It does in fact exist. If you want to find it on your own – stop reading now! NOW!

Follow these 10 simple steps to find it (unverified on iPhone):

  1. Write a post about what Turf stats you want to see.
  2. Report an issue with the existing Turf stats.
  3. Start Turf app on your phone.
  4. Locate the zone EyeSeeYou.
  5. Go to the zone and take it.
  6. Wait until someone takes the zone from you (important).
  7. Now, locate the Eastern Island in the app. It’s in the South Pacific Ocean, west of Chile.
  8. Zoom in on the southern part of the island.
  9. Find the southernmost grove of the island.
  10. CLICK IT!

Apply what the easter egg has taught you and you will be an even more successful Turfer, good luck!


Turfer vs. Turfer

Ever wanted to put numbers on the number of clashes with your biggest Turf nemesis? This night Turfer vs. Turfer launched on warded! This page let’s you track what Turfer’s been a victim of your Turfing.

I’ve had my clashes with Tomtebloss. 714 takes vs 560 losses feels good. However, our fight is nothing compared to the one going on, since august 2012, between MadMajk and Toubkal. They have been stealing from each other 10 360 times which makes this ongoing settlement the biggest of it’s kind. Currently Toubkal has the advantage with 5321 takeovers from MadMajk, who currently ‘only’ has twisted his nails in Toubkal’s eyes 5039 times. MadMajk has lost over 458 000 potential pph-points because of Toubkal. Will they ever get along? I don’t think so …toubkal?


Who is your Turf nemesis and why?


As you probably didn’t notice Turfs data move today, you will not notice any updates or ability to log in to the stats page. This will be noticeable until a new connection to Turfs data is created. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the Festivus and the coming Xmas!